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Start healing your brain in 3 easy steps!

Learn how to start healing your brain!!

Step 1 - Watch Video
Step 2 - Sleep

Right after surgery

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One of the most important things you can do!

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep! Your brain reorganizes its physical structure and the way it functions according to your environment. Who knew that sleep was so powerful but especially after trauma to your brain, it needs time to heal and sleep is like healing medicine to the brain! The brain stores new information plus it gets rid of toxic waste, the body repairs cells, and releases molecules like hormones and proteins plus restores energy while you are sleeping and so much more. And who doesn’t need that!

During Rehabilitation 

Step 3 - Brain Exercises

Brain exercises are the bomb!

It is important everyday to spend time on focused learning that requires your full attention and concentration. We had one of Brianne’s therapist tell us that daily ‘brain games’ would help her rebuild the plasticity and cognitive awareness. So we play all sorts of games at our house. Her son LOVES games so we play a lot. She has a few favorites but we try to switch it up. Another thing the therapist used was brain games, such as: BrainHQ, Luminosity, and other brain exercise that are offered online. Many are FREE! 


2 years after, in Paris - The Dr's said she would never walk or talk again... 

Colorful Modular Grid Girl Boss Bio Link
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