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35-What is growing now? And what did we do?

Jump forward ...two years from Brianne coming home... we had another 🤛punch in the stomach.

The remaining piece of tumor (the Neurosurgeon thought he got it all originally) started growing! Wait .... what?!?! After all that she has been through, not again.

We had a standing order for an MRI every 6 months. It was about 2 years after Brianne came home that the doctor discovered the remaining piece of tumor had started growing significantly enough that the Neurosurgeon wanted Brianne to undergo radiation. After meeting with the Radiologist and discussing all the options with him, he said he was concerned to do anything at this point because her recovery has been so horrendous, and worried about pushing the radiation trigger.

Just before all of this, we had just started a nutraceutical with Brianne. We knew that nutrition would be a huge part of this journey and we have researched and tried many different things searching for a more full spectrum nutrition. We had tried creating a complete regiment using different supplements and vitamins for different reasons... one was to help with this or that, but we quickly discovered we had created a mountain of supplements/vitamins and all we really wanted was something that could cover more bases for health with Brianne's brain healing and overall health. We also knew Brianne was getting "pill werry" and that path wasn't sustainable.

After talking extensively with the Radiation Doctor we decided that we would wait on radiation for now... we wanted to keep using these new products and see what might happen. We also took her off of all sugar and flour very early on in the recovery (only GF)... that hasn't stayed in place perfectly now but we try to keep it up as much as possible.

6 months later the moment of truth was weighing heavy as we did another MRI, and that remaining piece of tumor, he was so worried about, was almost completely gone!!! We believe in miracles, but we also know that many miracles come in the form of inspiration to know what to do and when. We had felt very inspired to look and research a more holistic way of healing and we knew when you put the right nutrition into your body, it can do miraculous things. These simple yet powerful products were the only things we did differently at this time, because we have consistently been careful about what we eat.

Seriously, we have tried just about everything out there, with some showing good improvement with certain things but nothing provided us with what we were looking for until we found the Triangle Of Health:

-Sunrise with 74 minerals and vitamins in a small juicing package

-The best Omega 3 plus world renown supplement (This won Top in the World in its class of supplements)

-Plus Nitro (this creates Nitric Oxide in your body... it helps all the nutrients absorb better and promotes healing on a cellular level).

Just three easy to take products reduced the mountain of other supplements and actually cut down the cost of what we were paying out before!! If you are interested in looking into them for you or a loved one, we are happy to answer any questions. You can also check them out here to order, we like the Kyäni Nitro Xtreme Triangle of Health Pack (Packets) and you get FREE shipping over $100 and a discount with autoship (which you can cancel at anytime).

We have been in AWWWWW. So much so that we want to to jump forward another 2 years from the time we began taking these supplements... Right now (4 years later), things are holding strong and Brianne is doing great. We just had another MRI and nothing has changed. We are grateful for this miracle and as with everything we have done in this journey, we want to share it with others. We absolutely know that everyone is different and we cannot guarantee anything but what we do know is that good nutrition helps our bodies do miraculous things. No matter how hard you try, getting incredible nutrition in our regular foods now days, is almost impossible.

I believe that the perfect opportunities come into our life at the time we need it for continued healing and more.

We have directed most of our recovery ourselves, while sharing with the doctors what we have been doing. The supplements and therapies have for the most part been outside the normal protocols. Some doctors didn't think she would walk or talk again, some never thought she would ever do what she is doing now, and many said that there wasn't much for that could be done past a year and a half. BUT we have seen great strides of continued improvement.

Brianne could never have survived without this life saving surgery and all the amazing medical help while at the hospitals. Although we did add our own ‘natural’ helps during this period as well, it really became our full focus once we got home to help her heal as naturally as possible.

What did this entail? One of the reasons for this blog was to create hope for those struggling to find the right paths in their journey. Second, we wanted to share what worked, what didn't, so just maybe your journey could be cut a bit shorter than ours. We found that certain things we did worked better at particular junctions and we want to share what we have learned. We wanted to wean Brianne off her meds, as much as possible because so many of them have such high side effects.

With the help of our Neuropath and talking regularly with her main doctor who is a physiatrist, we have been able to help get her medications down to just one. We are so grateful for the doctors on this journey that have been open to our different ideas and suggestions. These are pioneers to us! We need more doctors that share the advantages of both worlds, Western Medicine and Natural Medicine.

Here are a few things we did to encourage healing beyond the normal therapies. We will go into greater detail on many of them to help you understand how we used them in this process:

Supplements (Blood Stimulator, CBD, the Triangle of Health-listed above, and more....)

Energy work



Blood Stimulator

Qigong- Chinese medicine

Functional Medicine doctors

Neuro Clinic - Dr. Oliver (He uses many procedures which I will share on another post)

Foot zoning

Cranial Sacral - Ramona

Hyperbaric Chamber

Horseback riding

and more....

Watch for our suggestions on what has helped throughout this journey! Maybe they could help you.

Be open to different and new ideas!

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