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9-First time to sit up!

Updated: May 29, 2020

More than a week later...

They did all they could to get her propped up, sitting position. This wasn't easy, but they felt it would help her in many ways. In order to do this, they had to tie her to the bed and then mechanically move her bed to a seated position. Even though she was tied in, this was not easy as her body was so weakened from laying in bed for so long. She lasted an hour (and slept a good portion of the time). The Dr. seems to want a good amount of stimulus so of course we had to put on her favorite movie, "Pride and Prejudice". Even her favorite movie couldn't keep her awake longer than a few min. and that is saying something!

Please don't fall over.
Please don't fall over.

When Brianne was a teenager, she watched the 12 hour version of "Pride and Prejudice" three times on a family trip. I thought the boys were going throw her or the movie out the window, if she tried to watch it one more time. I personally enjoy the movie but even for me that is a lot, so I couldn't blame them for thinking such a thing? She probably read the book a dozen times growing up. Bri has always had definite love affair with that time period and the history. If she could have had a choice to live during that time, she certainly would have. But we are glad she picked us!

Even therapy couldn't wake her up!
Even therapy couldn't wake her up... still slowly coming out of the coma!!

The doctors had talked about doing a procedure to take the breathing tube out but decided against it because they wanted her to be more awake to be assured that she could breath on her own. Hopefully in a few days .... you can tell she doesn't like it, but who in their right mind would? She was finally opening her eyes a few minutes here and there... Woohoo! We were just grateful that she is starting to open her eyes a bit, we had no idea that coming out of a coma would be such a long process.

Here is another sweet video that we played for Brianne often...when she actually had her eyes open.

Over the next couple of days the rollercoaster continued. She had extra swelling that created less responses in moving her hands and it seemed all she wanted to do was to keep her eyes closed and sleep. They started working on helping her current condition by checking to see if there is some pneumonia going on. They decided to replace her breathing tube to a trachea since she was not strong enough to breathe on her own. This was both good and bad as she would finally get the tube out ...YAY! Although I never thought I would be excited about her getting a tracheotomy :)

It is amazing how your perspective can change quickly!

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