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11-Grandparents and chocolate chip cookies

Updated: May 29, 2020

Grandmother's moment!
Grandmother's moment!

Can't you just taste the hot chocolate chip cookies? Fresh chocolate milk? Yummy Ice Cream? What do all these things have in common?


Most everyone has fond memories with their grandparents! Perhaps you enjoyed going fishing with them, making cookies, painting, traveling, just helping them around their house and yard. I remember some yummy foods that we only got at grandmas (Oh la' la'!), that always made me smile. BUT most of all, hopefully you just felt loved!

This was about 2 weeks after surgery.
This was about 2 weeks after surgery.

Dale's Mother, Joyce, was at the hospital most of the time with me. She could hardly pull herself away, Dale and I could totally relate! This gave me the opportunity to get much needed rest, sometimes she stayed late so I could go home by dinner rather than be there until way after dark. Some nights she alternated with me and stayed overnight when we were wanting to keep an extra eye on Brianne. Even though I was there everyday, it was nice to know that someone else could come early or stay later, so I could take care of a few things at home.

I also knew that Brianne needed to truly feel of the love and support of others. Because she was in the ICU for a couple months they restricted lots of extra visits other than family and close friends. It was nice for us as well to see the love pour in from so many!

Poem nights with G. & G. Bingham
Poem nights with G. & G. Bingham

WE did everything possible to keep the LOVE going!!

LOVE truly is the answer to so many things in life.

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