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10-"If this was my wife..."

Updated: May 29, 2020

"If this was my wife, I would make sure my kids were here everyday... this would be the best therapy!"

-Quote from one of the Neuro ICU Drs. about a week after Brianne's surgery

*Alex and his Mom... Sweetness!
One of my favorite photos of these two... sweetness!

Over the first couple of weeks (then on to the next month and a half,) we asked...we begged... and then... we asked again, for *Alex to come see his Mom. Each time there was one excuse or another. One night in tearful prayer, I asked for heavenly help to soften his heart towards letting their son go see his Mom. My heart as a Mom could hardly take it because I know how I would feel. That truly would be the best therapy for healing.

I shared with *Lennerd what the doctor said about how kids are the best therapy and how this could really help Brianne. But the answer was always a 'No'. We knew that *Alex had always been the center of Brianne's life and since he is only 2 years old, he had relied on his Mom for everything. One day she is there and then she was gone... how confusing and hard for such a little guy. Brianne needed him and *Alex needed to see his Mom.

We called this her 'Nate' bear - something to hug until she could love on Nate again!
We called this her '*Alex' bear - something to hug until she could love on *Alex again!

Brianne was starting to open her eyes a bit more than 15 min. a day.. maybe 30 min or so a day. And after a couple of weeks of not much movement or eyes open. WOOHOO!! I spent a lot of my time talking with her and rubbing her hands, I always talked about the future and things to come so that she would focus more on what was possible in the future than what her limitations were at the moment ... and those were many.

Mindset is so important to our well being and how we feel about our live, ourselves and much more. When we can't do it for ourselves or we get stuck in a certain mindset, sometimes we need promptings or help from others to regroup and recenter. Talking positively was certainly a necessity during this whole experience. Ok, let's be real! Mindset is important in every part of life.

My kids have always told me that I have knack for talking, and I do love to visit with others (they especially loved my 'Gift of Gab' when it took forever to leave church each week!:).This came in handy in talking to Bri especially when she couldn't speak back. Lucky her!!!

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