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14-Brianne was having twins? Wait... what?!

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

It was a sunny but a bit windy Fall day in October. I was so grateful that Fall was proving to be warmer than most! Having the opportunity to escape the walls of the hospital for a quick walk in the sun was like therapy to my soul.

But soon it was time to go back.

This day had proved to have a few challenges. They removed a large port for the cooling in her chest and put in a PICC that is able to remain for a time. Another issue came up when her abdomen had become greatly enlarged overnight. After a CT SCAN it was determined that it was gas and will dissipate in time (at least, that was the hope).

Dr. Reichman came in to check on her condition and was very concerned about her huge stomach... Dale jokingly said, "That is normal when you are having twins!"

Dr. Reichman took a double take and just about fell over! We all chuckled about that for the rest of the day.

Joking during a challenging time is needed to relieve that constant reminder of what is sooooo heavy but it also helps keep our stress at a minimum. This is certainly important every day... life is just a rollercoaster of adventures. Even if you don't like real rollercoasters, getting used to life's ups and downs will give you grit and tenacity.

They waited a few days hoping that her stomach would go down on its own. I called one morning early to check on things before heading in. One of the awesome Neuro ICU doctors answered and said, "I know you are always looking for the positive, so the pseudo good news IS... that her stomach hasn't gotten any bigger however it hasn't decreased either."

Pseudo good news, maybe!

They ended up having to do a surgical procedure to let that extra air out. She no longer looked like she was having twins... gratefully!!:) And Dr. Reichman could rest assured that this was definitely not the case.

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