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15-Come on, just one little smile...

Updated: May 30, 2020

Brianne's smile has always been so contagious and welcoming! She truly knew how to make anyone feel at ease and because of this, she had many friends.Have you ever been around someone that just lit up a room when they walked in. Or you felt like you 'knew' them from somewhere because that smile was so familiar? Or that their smile totally put you at ease, even in challenging circumstances?

Just being around Brianne made YOU feel better about yourself.

We couldn't wait for these smiles to return....

(About Oct. 16th, 2016) Again, coming out of a coma is exponentially different than anything I imagined. Brianne still could only move a couple of fingers but trying to get even a smile was daunting. Devon, her brother, is always up for this task. He worked real hard joking with her to get just a slight curve on her lips. You will have to carefully watch her face in the video otherwise you may miss it!

Brianne had been teaching kindergarten for a month before they found the tumor. The kids were devastated that she would not be their teacher for a short time, little did they know that would never happen for the whole school year and ultimately years to come. Many of her kids wrote letters of encouragement and love, that is what Devon is reading. You can feel the love they have for her, even in their young kindergarten verbiage and pictures.

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