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19- God certainly showered another miracle on us!

I remember driving to the hospital one morning and looking around with all the hub-bub going on in downtown Salt Lake City. People were rushing to work, to school, shopping with friends or family, etc.. Oh how I longed for a normal moment but even more for Brianne to have her life be a bit normal again. I had no idea of how long it would be and that it would actually be a 'very different, new normal'!

One morning I talked with our new nurse, Merry (Yes, like Merry Christmas... someone should write her story because it is moving... hint, hint.... Rick!). I asked if we could get the sacrament brought in on Sundays and that started a whole conversation on religion. As we talked she told me that she wasn't religious but she was spiritual. We then discussed how everyone is on their own time and own journey with God. We continued to talk as she worked on Brianne and as she did, it was evident she had an amazing, caring and loving heart. Someone who really enjoyed what she did because she truly wants to help others. These are the kind of nurses that you want working with your loved ones!

Brianne with *Alex just prior to her surgery.
Brianne with *Alex just prior to her surgery.

Brianne with one of her dearest childhood friends.
Brianne with one of her dearest childhood friends.

That evening I walked a few visitors outside to let them know how grateful we were for the visit. We were always thrilled for the visits and love shown to Brianne and us by others, it helped make this journey a little 'lighter' and they added sweetness to our journey. As I rounded the last corner into Brianne's room I heard sniffles... I looked over to see Brianne's nurse Merry standing by Brianne and tears were flowing down her cheeks.

Shocked, I asked, "What happened?"

Merry said through her tears, "I walked into Brianne's room tonight and it came to me so clearly, I KNOW THAT SHE WILL WALK AND TALK AGAIN!"

I said, "Thanks for sharing! Sometimes we want something so badly we are not sure if it is a prompting or just our wishes. I am grateful that you felt so strongly to know this with a certainty."

She responded with upmost confidence, "I know without a shadow of a doubt, this is absolutely true! This was the most spiritual experience of my life!!"

We hugged and cried together with Brianne, as we basked in the light of such a miracle! Even in the darkest of nights, God can shine a light to us!!

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