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20-Can Dad's be Super Heros?

Guess who was finally back from China?!?! So grateful that Dale was back safely and able to continue this journey with us! Of course, the first thing he had to do was share a big kiss with Brianne and talk with her. There is nothing that tugs on my heart strings more than having the Dad of my kids show them love and concern, especially in situations like this. She certainly needed all the support and love from each of us, with all that she was and will be facing.

Let's go back in time a bit... actually almost to the beginning....

Can you tell that she has her Dad totally wrapped around her little finger?
Her Dad is totally wrapped around her little finger!

He literally was the Dad that took turns in the middle of the night to help get up with Brianne. He helped change her diapers, feed her, he walked the floor with her when she had a fever, sometimes changed his clothes for the 2nd time because he had just been thrown up on.. and just laughed about it.

That is love!

I remember when Brianne was a little girl, her and I would listen to LDS Primary music sometimes during the day along with other fun kid music. There was this little song, "I am so glad when Daddy comes home", so Brianne and I decided to Choreograph her own dance moves to the song. Brianne couldn't have been more than 3 or 4 but it was so fun for her to reenact that when her Dad came home from work. He loved coming in the door, hearing the music and watching her little show, followed by the biggest hugs and kisses.

She adored her Dad as much as he adored her. They truly had a partnership of love!

Can you imagine your whole life, as you knew it, ripped from you... and now you have to fight so hard each day just to keep surviving and progressing? Having family or spouse or your children's support would certainly be paramount. That is why we knew that we had to hold her tight, be that support and do all we could for her continual progression.

And Dale was and still is, certainly one of her biggest advocates and extraordinary Dad!

Dale was trying to make Brianne laugh by putting on her foot brace! Not even a smirk!!
Dale was trying to make Brianne laugh by putting on her foot brace! Not even a smirk!!

When you are dating and first married, you can never imagine all the different situations that you might be in one day. Will your significant other be a support when 'push comes to shove'? Will they stand by you no matter what happens? Will they support and love your children as you would hope they would? Will they be your advocate when you need it most?

Brianne is so blessed with the Dad that she has, and the love he showed and continues to show throughout this journey. That makes him one of the biggest Super Heros out there!

Sorry guys... even bigger than Spiderman!

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