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22-Guess who came?

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

As each long day melted into the next, changes seemed small and any small positive moment, anything new at all, was counted as a blessing. We received a call letting us know that our amazing sister and brother-in-law had cleared their wildly intense work schedules to fly from the East coast to be with Brianne for an entire week. They got a hotel close to the hospital so they could spend each and every day at the hospital. They came to see what they could to do to help in moving things forward for Brianne and give me a little reprieve. Little did they know then, the incredible impacts they would have on this journey.

Here is a video when they walked in and surprised Brianne....

Up to this point, it was rare for Brianne to show any facial expressions or emotion because of her paralysis. Her response says a lot about how deeply rooted her feelings were at that moment. Even now, as I write this my emotions are getting the best of me, this is such a tender, sweet moment!

Bill has a PhD in psychology, with a specialty in Applied Behavior Analysis. One of his past companies was helping patients that other doctors had given up on. In essence, the doctors told the families that there was 'no hope' for their loved ones. Bill only asked for payment when he got results but he always did!

Wendi and Bill did not take long getting to work. They had ordered a myriad of materials such as a whiteboard to let her know the date and what would be happening that day, to buttons she could push for NO, YES, amongst other words, and soooooo much more. They worked to help Brianne start understanding written words again, reading, played books for her, had learning games, etc.

They were there each and every day working in between her other therapies! Our hearts will be forever grateful.

One day they offered me the keys to their hotel and 'encouraged' me to go lay down for a few hours. I didn't feel like I could pull myself away but I was so tired, physically and mentally, so I took them up on their offer and actually was able to sleep for a few hours. Just having them with Brianne let my mind rest a bit for some much needed rest. But then it was back to the hospital for the evening.

Brianne's first distance walking therapy session below.👇 It took 3 people to help her, even with her low weight but she did it!! Running marathons weren't around the corner for her but there was so much good still to come! I was bursting with pride as I watched and saw that things were happening!! Slowly, oh so slowly, but they were progressing.


And more therapy...

*To be continued in #23

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