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24-This was better than Christmas for Brianne!

Do you remember the quote by one of Brianne's Neuro Doctors a few days after surgery?

"If this was my wife, I would have my kids here everyday because it is the BEST medicine!"

Truth! And now you can see how paramount this really is, not that we didn't totally believe it from the start because we knew it, felt it's truth and anguished over it! We had continued to ask for *Alex to come and see his Mom but were constantly denied. Look at where she was just a week ago in her progress compared to the photos below! There is healing in having something extra to live for.

During this Covid pandemic I couldn't help but think of all the people that don't have their loved ones around to help, support, encourage, be their advocate and cheer them on to keep going! The human spirit is bright and strong but it needs that human connection. That truly has brought many through their darkest nights.

And for Brianne, having this little guy able to visit totally invigorated her spirits and determination. We always knew that she didn't shy away from a challenge and was tough but being without her little boy for almost 1.5 months was probably one of her hardest challenges during this time.

I truly believe that Bill and Wendi are the ones that made this happen, our appeals went unheard but theirs seemed to have more power. Why is that? Who knows but what we DO know is that Brianne and *Alex were needing to be together.

Bill and Wendi ordered toys that *Alex could play with at the hospital when he came to visit, they prepared the room so that it would be a great experience for Brianne and *Alex. We were all so elated for them, it was hard to contain our excitement.

*Alex seemed a little bewildered and unsure when he came into the room since it had been so long... and there she was!! His Mom was still here for him!

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