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27-Brianne's time at The Promise Hospital was coming to an end.

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

"Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all." - Stanley Horowitz

How was it possible that we were close to the middle of November with Thanksgiving just around the corner? It was hard to fathom that Brianne had spent all of the fall in three different hospitals. We certainly sent many prayers up that she would be home for Christmas. This would be one of the greatest gift!

"Just remember, some come, some go. The ones that stay with you through everything they're your true best friends. Don't let go of them." -Marilyn Monroe

Through it it all, we had amazing friends and family trickle in and out for visits, some shared stories of life 'outside' these walls, many came to share their love, and some came to share a few gifts.

Gifts come in all variations:

-One friend, Tawnee, came and gave the gift of sharing, as she told of a prompting she had that Brianne would be able to walk again and so much more. Though things might not be exactly the same, things would be good (she didn't know about what happened with Nurse Merry when she told me this). She got close to Brianne's bed, looked her in the eyes and shared this truth in such a tender way, Brianne teared up.

-Elise, came with the gift of healing as she sat at Brianne's feet and foot zoned her. She was able to help the healing progress through her beautiful talent and skill. I would highly recommend you check out "foot zoning" if you are ever dealing with any health issues. It has been and can be so helpful for many people. The first time she came to zone Brianne, she was in The Promise Hospital and afterwards Elise whispered kind loving thoughts and words to Brianne (which brought on tears), and that "Brianne was the miracle that she never got". Elise and Bob have a beautiful 'light up the room' daughter who passed away at the age of 18 from a brain tumor. They know this heartache all too well and at a much higher level than most could imagine. (In a future post I will have them share part of their heart wrenching but faith filled story.)

-Some close friends came with the gift of reprieve and simply got us out of the hospital for a couple of hours by taking us to dinner. During one such rescue our friend Rick gave the gift of faith as he helped Dale give Brianne a blessing, he cried through the entire experience.... it truly touched our hearts as well as Brianne's. There was so much love wrapped up in those tears, they were tears not just for Brianne but tears we shared for one another as well!

-Stephanie and her girls came with the gift of renewal. Having been a part of Brianne's life since early childhood they shared memories of when the girls and Brianne were little. They brought the gift of laughter, love as well as a sweet gift.

-Many family and friends brought the gift of caring as they kept a good eye on things through text or phone calls, bringing gifts, sneaking me a way for a lunch once in a while and just being a sounding board. Tawnee and Travis brought the gift of union as they joined us one evening in Brianne's room and announced that they just got engaged that night and we were the first to know.

You can see below only a small glimmer of cards and wishes of hope and love. There were literally so many friends and family that came, sent cards, texted concerns... I wish we could mention each of them by name. Know that each one of you are to this day remembered for the kindness and love you shared during that time and how it was appreciated more than you know!

Brianne hanging out with her brother Cameron and niece Ellie.

Animals are such good therapy, even for Brianne who is not particularly fond of them!

We are grateful for patient and kind therapists.

Saying Good-Bye to some of Brianne's fantastic team. Sadly not everyone was there that day for our 'photo' shoot.

When you are in rehab, it was truly a race with an eye focused on recovery. They need to see progress in order to stay and continue onward. At this point we were working hard to make sure she qualified for an extensive therapy rehab program (which require 3 hours a day of therapy). If not, she would just be put in a nursing home for limited therapy and for who knows how long. We knew that she needed tons of therapy and the later wasn't an option for her or us. Lots of discussions with the administration, therapist, etc. mixed with lots of prayers, finally won out and she was allowed to 'graduate' to Health South Rehab Center.

The thought of moving again however, was tiring but exciting. It meant Progress. It meant that even though there would be another place, new doctors, new difficult therapies this wasn't how it ends. On to another adventure....

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