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30-On to a new adventure plus lots and lots of therapy.

I remember when Brianne, our first to start Kindergarten. The anticipation, the excitement you feel as parents gives you that sense of profound anxious pride, because you know it could be rough sometimes.... at the same time you can't wait for them to experience life.

It is amazing that 25 years later, we could feel the same way, for completely different reasons. As she was whisked away in another ambulance, a new hospital, a new adventure, new people to meet, new therapy to try, and more there was pride and I did feel profound anxiousness.

It truly was exciting that she 'graduated' to Health South Rehab Center where she could get 3+ hours a day of therapy instead of being sent to a nursing home where there was less hope and they didn't have as much therapy. We couldn't be happier and were excited for her to start this new challenging adventure. We weren't too sure how excited she was. Maybe she felt a lot like that 5 year old little girl, full of hope, but a little scared inside.

He had to always remember where we had been. It wasn't too long ago that she couldn't do anything because she was still paralyzed... This helped us fully see where we are now. This helped us focus on the future and all that she was going to do. Seeing the full picture and not just the now, allowed us to envision the miracles to come. Moving to the rehab hospital was a big change for more good to come and she would need to have lots of grit and determination to get through the next three weeks. She was born with grit and raised for 'hard'.

I remember when we were at The Promise Hospital, when she still couldn't even hold her head up in her wheelchair and she looked up at me as if to say "I can't do this!", tears falling down her cheeks, my Momma heart being pierced to the core, wanting to totally burst but I said, "You can do hard things! And you are soooooo loved!"

We have a greater appreication for therapists and their incredible roll in all kinds of recoveries.

Brianne's daily therapies were physical, occupational and speech. She really started moving and participating in things that just a few weeks ago seemed too difficult to even comprehend at that time. Watching her stretch and push through was enlightening to witness.

I felt as excited and overwhelmingly proud of the Brianne now, as when she first started walking. Who knew that learning this skill a 2nd time in life could be so challenging?

She now had another team of amazing therapist, all working towards on goal. Her greatest therapist of all however, was still this beautiful human being, her little Nate. His only goal, his only agenda was to give her a reason to keep going, keep trying, keep moving, and gave her unconditional love. They needed each other and gratefully, God saw fit to let her stay for this little guy.

There are no coincidences.

God is in the details.

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