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33-Who is visiting now?

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Have I mentioned.... Brianne is soooo sooooo loved?

After talking to our life-long friend Annette, whos' daughter Charity Sunshine had seen her share hospitals from her two double lung transplants, cancer surgeries, and so much more..., I had no doubt that she knew the in's and out's of being in hospitals long term. Annette knew that Dale and I wanted to go for a yearly Christmas Party in Washington and she graciously said that she would be happy to come stay with Brianne. She came from Denver, Colorado to Utah just so that we could have a much needed break and attend the annual Christmas Party

How could I say, "No"? She was more seasoned than anyone when it came to taking care of medical issues, hospitals, Drs, and more. If I was going to leave Brianne in someone's care, she was the one! I also trusted her to keep an eye on everything else going on, medical and otherwise. She had spent in-numerable hours in many different hospitals over many years in coordinating and helping with Charity's care. This was a huge undertaking to say the least, but one that was done with love, the love of a Mother. Charity had so many issues medically that it was always a battle to know what was the next best step however Annette was able to weave her way around all the "information" (so many pro's and con's to everything you do medically) and always, prayerfully, choose the best care possible for Charity. In many ways, she was our mentor in this journey.

As is the typical Annette fashion, she came bearing many gifts, but most importantly the gift of her beautiful smile and love. She said that she wanted to stay at the hospital with Brianne, sleep right in her room, in case she needed anything. How many friends would do that?

We actually felt peace and comfort in knowing that she was there for a few days. We knew we didn't need to worry because things would be fine while we were away. Though my heart had a little twig of sadness/guilt in leaving Brianne but I knew that this would help replenish "us" for all that was ahead... and I had no idea of all that was coming. A little rest was certainly needed!

This little guy has had so much change in his short little lifetime. One day he was totally taken care of by his Mother and then she was gone and he wasn't allowed to see her for months. His life had totally flipped upside down. Once we were able to get him with his Mom, he was so happy to have her around. As you can see below, had to take Teddy everywhere he went. This became his other comfort in life besides his Mom.

He had never met Annette until her trip to stay with Brianne at the hospital. He was a little gun shy with anyone new.

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