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35A* - Health supplements that worked for us!

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Can you believe that Brianne’s tumor actually reduced in size?

We are still in a place of grateful shock!

Here is Brianne with her friend Jenny about 10 years earlier... but she looks shocked!

Again, putting the right nutrition in your body can only help strengthen your immune system and help you heal many things naturally. We know that we have seen miracles on this journey as well. We are thrilled that we chose to follow a more holistic approach to Brianne’s recovery because we have seen the benefits in many ways.

We have seen improvement in her cognitive functioning, better sleep, help controlling headaches, better memory, more executive functioning, more personality emerging, speaking abilities improved, a heightened awareness of things that needs to be done around her, and much more.

Seriously, we have tried just about everything out there, some showing good improvement with certain things but nothing provided us with everything we were looking for as far as nutritionals until we found the Triangle of Health:

-Watch the video on the SUNRISE in the link here:

74 minerals and vitamins juicing all done for you and with 22 superfoods

-Watch the video on the SUNSET in the link here:

The best Omega 3 plus world renown supplement

(This won Top in the World in its class of supplements)

-Watch the video on the NITRO in the link here:

Nitro (this creates Nitric Oxide in your body... it also helps all the nutrients absorb better and promotes healing on a cellular level).

Exciting!!! Just three easy to take products reduced the mountain of other supplements and actually cut down the cost of what we were paying out before!! If you are interested in looking into them for you or a loved one, we are happy to answer any questions. You can also check them out here to order, we like the Kyäni Nitro Xtreme Triangle of Health Pack (Packets) and you get FREE shipping over $100 and a discount with auto-ship (which you can cancel at anytime).

We are thrilled to share this with others because we have been so truly blessed by it.

*This blog also includes some affiliate marketing, I would never add anything that I don't believe in 100%. When you believe in something, you are excited to share with others on how it helped to improve your life or the life of your family. The products we talk about are available to anyone without being an affiliate member.

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