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37- A clinic just for Neuro....YESSSSSS

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Early on a good friend (thanks Nicole Soelberg:) text me the information on the Neuro Clinic and said that she felt prompted to share it with me.

The Neuro Clinic is a fully operational Chiropractic Neurology practice that has been in the heart of Utah County, UT since February of 2013. Dr. Kenneth Oliver is one of only four licensed Chiropractic Neurologists in the state of Utah, Co-founded the Neuro Clinic and has been the sole owner and head physician since January of 2018. The facility is located in Lehi, UT at 1175E 3200N, 84043 - Conditions treated at the clinic is mTBI or mild traumatic brain injury. Since 2014, Dr. Oliver has undergone additional extensive fellowship training, over 800+ hours in addressing post concussion syndrome and its associated symptoms.

Dr. Oliver always tells each person, "What we do in this office is based on the principle of neuroplasticity. We know that the brain can change, it's a matter of figuring out how to make that change. The only thing we don't do is work with pharmacology nor do we perform surgery here. The rehabilitation in neuroplastic change is where our specialty lies."

The Neuro Clinic utilizes the medical gold standard of objective diagnostic testing procedures when it comes to analyzing the effects of traumatic brain injury. A combination of saccadometry (analysis of fast eye movements), computerized assessment of postural studies, videonystamography, and a very thorough bedside neurological examination is used to gather all the vital information necessary for designing a successful treatment protocol. Dr Oliver describes, "The information that we gathered from examination are like pieces of a puzzle that allow us to put together the story of each personal mTBI. We know there are no two head injuries that are the same; so there are no cookie cutter approaches with our care."

Treatment varies by case but there is a vast array of treatment options that can be assigned to each case individually. We utilize tools like hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy, low level laser therapy in many different ways, repetitive peripheral somatosensory stimulation, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and much more. All descriptions of the testing and treatment options can be found on the clinic's website at (therapies). When it comes to the analysis and treatment of concussion/mTBI the Neuro Clinic is the best around.

We actually bought a Hyperbaric Chamber for Brianne to use on a more regular basis.

Dr. Oliver shares, "Along this journey of practice at the Neuro Clinic there are so many joyful stories and experiences to share and few are like those of Brianne. She had initially come to see me for the first time in August of 2018, just close to two years after a MRI revealed her tumor. The details of her history are not mine to share but I will not forget first meeting Brianne and members of her family along the way."

"We have been actively engaged in clinical care since that day in 2018 and it's been incredible to see the progress Brianne has made not just from coming to my clinic but also learning of the incredible things that they had implemented along the way as I was honored to co-manage her case with many other great people and effective interventions. The road back from a TBI can sometimes be long and arduous but I have loved working with Brianne and watching her fight through her recovery with resilience and determination (and the occasional stubbornness :) To watch her implement new (old) mannerisms, or to see how aspects of her memory were shifting/changing, to watch certain neurological pathology change for the better has been a blessing in my life and reasons to celebrate. Things aren't perfect but we've all worked as a team to make the most positive changes possible."

Dr. Oliver

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