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38- Where we found some more ideas on brain plasticity.

Interestingly enough we had been researching what more we could do for plasticity of the brain and ran across this book. It had us hooked, as Doctor Doidge told story after story of what others have done to improve their brain from various challenging circumstances. We then searched for doctors around us who also used some of these healing techniques and we found that Doctor Oliver did indeed do many of them. In fact, the first time we visited The Neuro Clinic I saw this book on Doctor Oliver's shelf, this is exactly what we had been searching for.

“The Brain's Way of Healing is about neuroplasticity next step — healing the brain using totally non-invasive methods, including patterns of energy to resynchronize the brain's neurons when illness or injury causes them to fire improperly. It’s revolutionary and in some instances shocking — we’ll see people’s lifelong afflictions improved, or, in some cases cured almost miraculously.”

We wanted you to hear it from him:

Other ideas from Dr. Norman Doidge from these two videos on how you can help your brain after brain trauma:

-Using Brain challenges/games for injuries from a brain tumor, stroke, accidents, autism and a myriad of other reasons.

-How to manage Pain.



-Light therapy

-Music therapy

-And more...

For Brianne we did Light Therapy, brain games (these should be done daily if possible, we share what we used below), the Hyperbaric Chamber, RPSS Therapy, daily brain exercises prescribed by Doctor Oliver, physical exercise in many different forms, music in many different forms and most recently, NoviChi.... we will share more on that on another post.

Brain games we have used:

-Duolingo-(this is on your phone and a way to learn a language in 5 min. a day) Brianne loves it so much she probably uses it about 30-60 min. a day. They have a free version but we finally did the yearly subscription because she loves it so much!

-Brain HQ- Brain games -Dr. Norman Doige mentions this in one of his videos so we just signed up to try it.

- Lumosity- Brain games - Brianne does these once in a while but hasn't stayed with it consistently.

-Board and card games

-Crossword puzzles


Our hope is to inspire and share ideas so that you can choose what may work for you!!

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