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40-Hyperbaric Chamber

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Do you or your loved one have a problem with short term memory, where something that happened a few minutes ago might be forgotten? For sure... being over 50 makes this possible too!😜

That would sometimes happen to Brianne early on in her recovery, but it wasn't all the time.

Wait until you hear what happened....

While visiting with Neuropath Dr. Jeffrey Wright, he shared his daughter's story after surviving a brain tumor and that they actually bought a Hyperbaric Chamber for her therapy. He told us of the healing effects it had on her continued recovery.

This put a spark in our minds to see what we could find for Brianne.

We asked her main doctor who thought it might not be too helpful because there is not enough research and also mentioned that they are super expensive. Truthfully the cost at the hospital is out of this world expensive unless your insurance will pay. And that is rare, depending on what you have. The cost at local clinics is much less but at the time we started it was around $150 a session.

We kept looking. And looking.

Look at the love between these two! My heart!

After some intense searching I found Beverly Hills Age Defiance Institute in St. George, UT (5 hours away from us. The added bonus was that St. George is a warm vacation destination🙌) This clinic offered a special for HBOT sessions, about $50 each but you had to buy 10 sessions. So we took a road trip for a long weekend to get the maximum amount of time in the chamber!

On the drive down it was a particularly fuzzy day for Brianne, in regards to short term memory. We drove straight to the clinic to start with the HBOT. After Brianne's hour, her Grandmother who came with us wanted to try it. Brianne, her son and Dale all went over to a local store to occupy their time. It was while walking and talking in the store that Dale noticed she was much more aware and conversational in so many ways. Dale and *Alex both couldn't remember the name of a particular toy.... but Brianne did! Dale also noticed a huge difference in her memory fog from before going for a 'Dive' (spending time in the HBOT) and after. She just seemed more alert and happy.

*Alex is peeking in on his Mom! You can see his super hero cape, he is always so careful to make sure his Mom is ok.

We spent that week, twice a day if possible, at the clinic with Brianne in the HBOT. We noticed such an improvement that we scheduled additional weekends to drive down since the price was a fraction of the clinics near us. One thing led to another, the wonderful owner of the shop helped us search for one to buy, finally we found one online. We were incredibly grateful for all the time we spent with the clinic to learn more about the use, care and more. We were even more excited to now be able to enjoy the HBOT from the comfort of our own home where Brianne could spend as much time as she wants to doing this therapy!

More St. George adventures during our stay.

There are not a lot of clinical studies on HBOT but there are enough independent studies and results that show the benefits of this amazing therapy. Major league sports players often travel with their own because the HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) gives extra energy and the ability to heal faster, naturally. This can give them an edge to their game through the increased oxygen levels they receive. How amazing is that?

Hiking adventures during our 'HBOT' trip to St. George.

But even bigger is the effects the HBOT can have for those with Traumatic Brain Injuries and all sorts of other health issues or injuries. This truly is not talked about enough in regular medicine because it can be expensive but it often is sought after in the alternative realm. We found out later that the reason our regular doctor said it wouldn't be that useful is because she felt most people could not, or would not do enough of it because of the cost. Once she learned that we purchased one, her attitude towards it changed. We have learned in our experience, that even less regular session time when you can, is helpful. Continuous use is optimal.

Benefits of HBOT (The Neuro Clinic)

  • Decreased Amount of Time Required For Healing

  • Reduction of Inflammation and Swelling

  • Reduction of Pain and Discomfort

  • Assists White Blood Cells In Fighting Infection

  • Increases The Formation of New Blood Vessels

  • Increases Collagen Production

  • Promotes Greater Tissue Strength

  • Increases Stem Cell Production and Mobilization

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is similar to diving underwater with an oxygen mask. This is why an HBOT treatment is often referred to as a dive. Your ears will pop as the pressure increases. ​ Your body's tissues need an adequate supply of oxygen to function. When tissue is injured, it requires even more oxygen to heal. The increased pressure inside the hyperbaric chambers forces oxygen into your blood plasma and increases the total amount of oxygen available for healing. This helps fight bacteria and stimulate the release of substances called growth factors and stem cells, which promote healing. Furthermore, HBOT provides your neurons the oxygen they need to maintain healthy function. The oxygen helps reduce inflammation which allows the body's natural healing process to continue more effectively. You should not schedule Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy if any of the following are true:

  • Mother expecting a child

  • Pneumothorax or any other lung pathology

  • Severe head cold

  • Optic Neuritis

We have had the opportunity to share the benefits with others as they have come and used our HBOT. One friend who suffers from MS see's the benefits after each session. Although it is not a cure from this debilitating disease, it has reduced the inflammation and for a time, given her great relief from the pain. Often she uses her canes to get in, but doesn't need them afterwards for a while.

Both Dale and I have used it after a long day of yard work and have felt the benefits. I have also used it to help when my seasonal asthma flares up. The benefits of the concentrated oxygen is amazing. Although you may feel that this is a purchase for one member of the family, many will benefit if you continue to look outside the box.

Currently we are taking a small break as our chamber has been loaned to a dear friend who's daughter stepped on a live wire and caused not only severe damage to her body and nerves but also her brain. We have been so grateful to not only have this as part of our therapy, but to help others with it as well.

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