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5-What does Opera have to do with therapy?

Updated: May 28, 2020

The days wore on and still, nothing changed with her coma.

Doctors, nurses, techs, assistants, specialists, therapy came in and out of the room. Consistent tests, procedures, etc…. They even started therapy when she was still in a coma. At the time I didn’t exactly understand why they did therapy in that condition but soon understood the huge importance.

Doing therapy in a coma.

I had a very dear friend, Annette, call and share her words of wisdom and experience. Her inspiring and courageous daughter, Charity, had undergone 2 double lung transplants and was in a coma for more than a month the first time! Annette shared how important it is to daily workout their hands, arms, feet, legs, fingers, and more because you don’t want atrophy (stiffness in the limbs or foot drop which is irreversible).

This became my ritual, multiple times a day. I would work with Brianne in moving her limbs or have someone there such as my husband, mother-in-law, Joyce, or our other kids take turns as well. In addition, the therapist would come each day to work her entire body as well.

Annette's daughter, Charity inspired others throughout the world in her words and through song. She sang and shared her light and message from the Kennedy Center to some of the biggest venues in Europe and beyond. She will forever be a shining example of goodness and strength for others, even though she has now passed on!

You can see that Charity has no issues with her movements even after her coma, therapy does work. Therapy may seem simple at times but it definitely makes a world of difference. Those small but precise movements, make remarkable changes for the person who hasn't been able to move for a while!

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