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3-She is still not waking up!

Updated: May 28, 2020

The next day Brianne was still not opening her eyes.

Dr. Reichman thought she was going to be waking that evening after the surgery. It became more obvious by the next day that all hope of her waking was gone, she had slipped into a coma and no one knew when she would wake up, what this recovery would now look like... so many unanswered questions.

With this new news, I recomposed myself and my thoughts because I knew that God was in charge and that anything was possible with Him!

In His Constant Care - painting by Greg Olsen

During this time only a few people were allowed in the room, so we didn't have big groups visiting, though I know that so many wanted to be there with her and us. I spent all my days there and sometimes stayed overnight. The nurses tried to talk me into going home at night but it was hard to ever leave.

During the days, I had much more time to ponder on all that transpired, it was such a waiting game. I had a hard time concentrating on much. I talked to the medical staff as they trickled in and out all day long. I soon got to know the staff well and many have become lifelong friends. As the days passed and I saw patients come and go from the Neuro ICU, I longed for Brianne to be out too but was starting to realize that this would be a much longer journey than we first anticipated. But it was so much more than I could have imagined... even then.

I h to keep up with the massive text messages from amazing friends and family wondering how she was doing. Dale finally set up a group on Facebook where we could share her daily successes and backslides, so that we could keep people up to date without having to respond individually to everyone.

You can just see that light!!

It was obvious that Brianne had effected more people than I could have ever imagined with her beautiful light and continence, her love for others, her example at every turn in her life.

She truly had made an impact on so many!

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