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8-Thoughts from a Mom...

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Thoughts from Brianne's Mother, Thursday Morning, Sept. 28th, 2016 (5 days after surgery):

"We have always known that Brianne is 'One in a Million' but we didn't really want the Dr.s to tell us that her massive rare tumor also made her 'One in a Million'! She is a wonderful, lovely woman who always makes you feel better just from knowing her.

We know that her highly complicated surgery was directly helped because of all the prayers from those we knew and from those we didn't!! Even though the Dr. thought she should be awake and talking by Saturday, we never stop watching for her eyes to open.

Yesterday morning sitting in her room I truly felt like I was in a holy place... a place of peace, with angels watching over her and the great love from our Heavenly Father. All this was before she actually seemed to wake a bit. We know and we have personally witnessed the many miracles and have physically felt of each of your love and prayers. We are grateful every minute to our Heavenly Father for so many blessings, miracles and for the opportunity to be her parents. We appreciate and love each of you!"

The truth of these words were so evident to all those that entered her room, it truly did feel heavenly. I personally prayed for Heavenly Angels to surround her, help her feel peace, to give her guidance. In the deepest, darkest moments I knew that I could count on God to help guide us to know how best to help her that would be the most effectively, and I constantly asked for wisdom in understanding what He wanted us to do. But I also prayed for the Drs., nurses, and others to be guided to know what they should do for her as well.

This was certainly a team effort but God is at the helm!

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