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7-Waking up from a coma doesn't look like the movies.

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

The days wore on and I could only concentrate on a few things…. Crazy right?

The only things that could keep my attention were studying the scriptures, which brought so much peace as I read the stories of others who moved forward against tremendous odds and looked to God in all things. In addition, writing in my journal recording my feelings and promptings during this time helped me stay focus on the tender mercies that were happening all around us.

The rest of the time was spent talking to the hospital staff coming in and out each day to check on their particular specialties. I became her advocate, her eyes, her mouth and ears to assure all that could be

done was done.

Here is a quote from my notes at the time:

“Brianne has been taking her time waking up after surgery. She has opened her eyes for only a couple minutes at a time and seems to recognize us sometimes. She can't talk with the breathing tube. Today her eyes looked so much better. We could see our Bri back in them. Still very little hand and foot movement and still so much progress to go. They are keeping doing all they can to keep her core body temp down.

She has her own personal Air Conditioning unit running through tubing which has been surgically inserted into the core of her body and placed around her heart. This unit cold liquid through her body and is the only way to keep her body temperature from spiking to dangerous levels. They have also keeping her covers off with fans running in the room.

We feel better today with her eyes looking so good. Still, a long way to go. BUT we know the Lord is in charge and has a plan. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers..... These and angels are carrying us at this time.”

We played this video or a couple others each day, for Brianne to hear *Alex's sweet voice!

Truly coming out of a coma is not a pleasant thing to watch, neither is it like what you see in the movies where the patient wakes up and all is good, everyone laughing and talking. I always thought you just wake up and start moving. However, it was months and months slowing waking up and movement came even slower. Paralysis in her face was probably the hardest thing to bare, as it would be a long time before we would see her sweet smile or even a facial expression.... except when two Drs. were talking negatively around her bed.

That story is coming soon.

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